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Happy New Year! One Last Look Back...

Thank You artists, friends, and family, who have made 2018 a great year for 277 Dance Project! Thank you to all who came out this past October to view and support our work Cardboard Stage. It was an amazing experience to work so closely on this project with my brother John, Jennifer Klein, Mika Yanagihara and some of the best artists I have ever met and known - and to have shared the outcome with those I admire and love. I am looking back at this past year with a big smile on my face, grateful to have been blessed by so many sweet moments in time. Moving into 2019 we will continue to develop our latest work Sixth Exit - it has been a slow and steady process thus far, and I look forward to sharing the work in its entirety this upcoming year. I hope we cross paths soon, until then I wish you a year full of wonder and happiness.

xo Nicole


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