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277 Dance Project creates dance works investigating the delicate equilibrium between disorder and serenity, the crossroads of individual journeys, and the enduring endeavor to forge connections and endure—typically within the distinctive mindset of New York City. Our creative journey commences with a concept or thematic thread, evolving into a web of diverse ideas that undergo exploration and deconstruction until the piece materializes in both physical and imaginative dimensions. Throughout this transformative process, we reveal and accentuate the core of empathy—unraveling the intricacies that evoke care, compassion, love, responsibility, and shared human experience.

Photo of Artistic Director Nicole Philippidis

Artistic Director and Choreographer

Nicole Philippidis, a native New Yorker with an enduring passion for dance, founded the 277 Dance Project in 2009. As the Founder, Choreographer, Nicole has propelled the project to acclaim, with her choreographic works gracing renowned theaters and festivals. Holding a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Dance from Marymount Manhattan College, Nicole not only refined her skills but now serves on the Advisory Board for the Dance Department, exemplifying her commitment to nurturing the next generation of dance artists. Her educational journey continued with a Master of Science (MS) in Education from City College, where she earned a Teaching Fellowship for the Arts, highlighting her dedication to arts education.


In addition to her role as a choreographer and educator, Nicole Philippidis founded 277 Films, a production filmmaking company that stands as a testament to her versatility and creative vision. As an award-winning filmmaker, her artistic vision comes to life through a diverse portfolio featuring captivating short dance films, boundary-pushing mixed media productions for the stage, and visually striking music videos. With numerous accolades recognizing her cinematic achievements, Nicole's impact extends beyond the stage, solidifying her status in the dance and filmmaking spheres.

"277 was the street number for two buildings in two far-removed neighborhoods where my family members lived at the time of great adversity; it seemed so much more than a coincidence to be connected by it when we could not share everything under one roof. Ever since, it is a special number for me: it signifies a tie that lasts at the moment of great loneliness, something bigger and stronger than a physical connection. That is what making dance is about for me: discovering and highlighting through movement the very essence of what makes us care for other people, what makes us feel compassion, love, responsibility, loss. These feelings make us human. I chose dance as my main medium because through its immediate and wordless expression it often speaks more eloquently than words. But at heart, I am still a storyteller, and believe in sharing stories as a way of finding our place."

– Nicole Philippidis, Artistic Director 

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