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Christopher Makens

Chris Makens is a New York based artist, dancer, and choreographer. He has always been passionate about choreography, art, theater, film, music, dance and creative movement. Originally from Southern California, Chris dove into the world of artistic gymnastics from a toddler to competition team, training under the wings of former Soviet Union greats building a strong foundation that grew into the immersion of dance & creative movement exploration. A graduate from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, he is perpetually a student of life and focuses on evolving daily.  He enjoys studying and performing all styles of dance which continue to gift him with beautiful relationships and experiences around the globe from San Diego to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chile, Costa Rica, Paris, New York City and growing. Chris is a working dancer, choreographer, actor and teacher of yoga and dance. Creative movement and collaboration with others fills his life with so much joy, and he is grateful for the wonderful mentors and friends dance has gifted him along his journey. Dance and art unite people together and have the power to transform, heal and inspire. Chris joined 277 Dance Project in March 2018 and is truly honored and excited to be creating art with such a talented and inspiring group of artists.

Where did you grow up?:  

San Diego, California

What are the challenges and joys of being a dance artist in NYC?:  

The challenge for me in NYC is staying balanced and managing time with numerous jobs, work, classes, performances etc. and keeping my body, mind, and spirit thriving in harmonious health. It is a truly joyful experience, and with all of these wonderful opportunities in life I have learned to become a professional juggler! I enjoy being a dance artist with all of my being. I love to learn everyday, and I appreciate how it is always new and changing. I am thankful for the relationships I make through being a dance artist.

What about Cardboard Stage do you connect with most? 

I connect with the raw emotion and getting in touch with freeing myself of the ways we are programmed by society, family, religion, etc.

I appreciate tapping into the ways I try to control or box my spirit in a cage and I'm learning to set myself free and delete old patterns, fears and programming. I connect with the other artists in the work as their genuine passion and emotion inspire me to create authentically as well.

If you could have dinner with one person (you don’t know) who would it be? What would you talk about? 

I would absolutely love to have dinner with Albert Einstein. He always fascinated me. I feel like he was so ahead of his time in his consciousness and in every way. I would love to pick his beautiful brain and ask him all about the Universe, science, energy and life.

favorite films:


The Parent Trap

(1961 Original with Hayley Mills)

Christopher Makens will be performing in Cardboard Stage - October 18, 19, 20 at 8pm

Triskelion Arts - 106 Calyer Street, Brooklyn NY. Tickets on Sale Now!


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